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This box is to celebrate 10 years in business! We will be stuffing it full of things relating to our products from the past decade.


-Framed Selfie of Frank- layered cardstock in a frame of our first monster

-Butterfly keychain- handmade with acrylic, faux leather and charms

- Mini Pic Coloring book- hand-drawn images in a coloring book.

-Notepad, we have doodled on the front and back cover of a blank 5x3 notepad for you to use as you wish! comes with handmade crayons and cute novelty pens!

- 3d printed axolotl fidget toy

-sticker sheets including our hand-drawn original images

-A large watermelon rubber duck recognizing when we painted ducks and made rubber duck bouquets.

- mini gifts to fill the box (we always throw in more than we say because we like to spoil our supporters)


* Box is valued at over $80 based on comparative prices of other online stores.


*$12 shipping is included- will only ship domestically in the U.S.


*There are no returns on the box (slime will be included but was not factored into the price- we understand it isn't permitted in some households. We see you and understand, feel free to make it disappear as you wish. Slime is non-toxic and made from Elmer's glue, activator gel, shaving cream, and mix-ins.)


*boxes will ship at the end of June

Mystery Swag Box

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