A 10x10 or 12x12 canvas  or print with a neon theme! You may customize this portrait with any 1-2 of your loved ones (human or of a critter variety) or with a phrase and some clipart of your choosing. The digital drawing will be done in neon format.


Neon Custom Selfie

  • We will send proofs BEFORE printing anything. You will have the option of being super critical and mean and tell us everything you want changed. That doesn’t mean we’ll listen and change those things but we do give you that option. We hold artistic rights to draw how we want and color what we want to color. You are agreeing to that when you make a purchase.

    Once you hit that payment button there is no going back! Because this is a custom job, we do not offer full refunds once we receive your pictures and get started. After we begin and our stylus hits that tablet, you can receive up to 50% back. We will not negotiate because you should have read this first and if you didn’t, well then that would not be our problem. Once it is printed and shipped, it is no longer in our hands to refund you. You will need to take it up with the printing companies at that time.

    Again, think this through, do you really want to make this leap and purchase something that you probably can’t return and get a full refund back? If you are one of those that orders the lobster out to eat and takes one look at it before sending it back, this is NOT the product for you! Please, we do not wish you to waste our time and have to take your money for something you don’t even like, that would be awful for you.