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Book 1 in a fantasy adventure duet is coming soon! Twice Upon a Curse is about an ogre bounty hunter tasked with retrieving a new wife for the king. She can be found in the tallest tower of a ruined castle, guarded by a dragon shifter. The bounty hunter takes the crew of misfits along with him on this journey across the Far Far Away Isles to Golden Goose Island. What they find is much more than they expected and slowly each one starts to become attached to this mysterious tower princess.

This duet is full of favorite fairytale characters and is loosely based on the first Shrek movie. It is a why choose involving shifters and has elements that could be traumatic for readers. There are some explicit adult scenes on the page but overall book 2 is a lot spicier than book 1. Book 1 is more about the adventure and the bond between the bounty hunter and his crew as they face challenges along the way to the Brimstone Castle and its tower princess.

A full list of triggers will be available on the author's website. The book contains topics involving death, abuse, torture, SA, murder, depression and other possible triggering situations.



Twice Upon a Curse Hardcover

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