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Is that a pack of colored pencils in your pocket, or are you just happy to see another coloring book full of dicks?

Tired of normal coloring books for adults? You know, the ones with detailed, realistic, intricate patterns, but also incredibly dull subject matter like...fairies, flowers, or swear words (how edgy! *yawn*). This may be just the thing.

A coloring book full of things. Big, veiny things, in all kinds of positions, poses, and with an assortment of unusual props. Still not following? Right. Dicks. It's a coloring book full of dicks, ok? Sheesh.

We're not gonna lie, some of these doodled dicks may not be what you were expecting. You may even be disappointed by one or two, just like in real life! That said, we've done our best to include something for everyone,
with 20 pages of colorless cocks of all shapes, sizes, and seriousnesses. Yes. Seriousnessess. Seriously.

Revolutionary swipe-like experience. We call it "turning the page."
Just like Tinder, or whatever dating app the kids are using these days, you can just keep swiping right (turning pages) until you find your match. It's that easy. Try it today!

Glorious, full-size, single-sided, 8.5" x 11" pages.
We want you to get your full "six inches." We're not like those guys that claim to be a grower, not a shower, and then never deliver the experience you were hoping for. This book sits comfortably in the lap, on the kitchen table, or even out on full display on your living room coffee table. Let it all hang out.

Wangs for everyone!
The Sketchy Dicks coloring book makes a great gift for a bride-to-be (bachelorette), a future husband, your immature bachelor buddy, a family friend, yourself, a partner, or that distant relative you never know how to shop for! It's not like we haven't all seen a dick before. Jeeze Grandma!

Sketchy D*cks Coloring Book

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