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Hello again, children. Please take a seat and listen, while I tell you a tale about a Midnight Terror. A story that will instill both fear and dismay and that may just have you questioning your own reality.

Join me on this adventure as we hear about a teenage girl forced to visit her Nana for the weekend. Something extra spooky happens once Nana goes to bed, and her crocheting needle begins to crochet on its own. Will the girl be able to escape the evil the needles create?

Grab those stuffed buddies and clutch them tight. Have the night light ready for you might get a fright. Turn the page and enjoy a tale of the Midnight Terrors
- if you dare!

Thimble of Terror

  • Please add a note to who you would like the book made out to. It will be copied exactly how you type it so please check what you have written.

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